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We began our business out of a love for candles and natural products and all 3 of us are artists in one form or another.  As a single mom of two active girls, it was also an opportunity to bring in a little extra income.  We took a hiatus as one left for college and my youngest and I moved from Alabama to Texas, where I grew up.

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Welcome to Bluebonnet & Sage Candle Co

Howdy folks and welcome to our little corner of the web. We are finally up and running after a few hitches.  Please be sure and check out our blog for a little more info about our products. You can also leave us a message via the chat and we will try to answer as quickly as we can.

Our products our proudly hand poured and made in the Lone Star State.


Our candles are made from a unique proprietary blend of Soy and Cottonseed oil waxes. If you care for your candle properly, you can get up to 60 hours burn time on our 14 oz tumblers.


Our soaps and beard oils use all natural oils with the exception of our Beer & Tallow soap which does contain skin safe, phthalate free quality fragrance oils. 

Watch for our Valentine's Day Sale to be announced Saturday, January 11.

Currently, all orders over $50 offer free shipping or free local delivery in the DFW metroplex.  You might notice we are still missing a few pictures. If you have one you think is appropriate or better than the one we have, please submit it to us and if we use it, you get a free candle!

If you don't see a fragrance you like listed, please ask us. We just might have it. We custom blend most of our fragrances and can make a custom blend for you. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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